Sunday, March 26, 2017

Speedart Saturday- Gummyfummy6 + Writing Contest

  Heyo, Jammers.  I've been a lazy, lazy kitty and didn't put Speedart Saturday here on my blog on, well, Saturday.  It's not that much effort to just make a tiny little post with my video and art but nooooo, lazy me thought to myself, "Eh, I'll post it after I finish watching this YouTube video...." but noooo, lazy me just had to watch YouTube videos until lazy me had to get off of the computer.  I'm sorry.  Here's the video.

  And here's the art itself:

  Also, my buddy Graciepopstar91 is hosting a short story writing contest on her blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community!  

  I'm not going to be entering because, 1) I'm more of an artist than a writer; 2) I need to write The Time-Freeze if I write anything; and 3) I kinda provided part of the prize so it'd be weird if I entered. 
  So if you're a writer, click here for Gracie's post about the contest so you can see how to enter!  

  And if you are planning on entering but you're stuck on what to write, try using these Animal Jam Story Cards that I came up with and see if they can help =)

  (Also I gave up on captioning my videos because the YouTube captioning system is glitchy and destroyed hours of my hard captioning work..... soooo.... yeah.....)

  Aaaaand that's all for today's post.  Byeeeeee!

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And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

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  1. You should enter Caaaattttt! You could maybe stop The Time Freeze (Haha tiny joke) until you are done? Just a suggestion :)

  2. Questions for Q&A

    1. Why did you want to start a blog?
    2. Where did you find out about blogger
    3. When did you have the idea to make a blog?
    4. What is your favorite Animal Jam Game in the arcade?
    5. Which do you think is better, Animal Jam Play Wild, or Animal Jam?
    6. Do you think AJHQ would ever add oceans to AJPW? (if they did it would be really cool! Because its 3D and all!)


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