Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Tag + Animal Jam Art Gallery

  You:  Oh, Crazcatlover is doing the Swilshine-intro now.  Took her long enough.
  Me:  C'mon, aren't you going to ask why I AM SUPER EXCITED?!!!!
  Me:  Because I've finally been tagged in a tag!!!!
  You:  Oh.  Ok. 
  Me:  *sighs*

  ANYWAYS, yeah.  Lostfairy from The Animal Jam Jumble tagged me to do the Sunshine Blogger Tag!  (Or Sunshine Blogger Award Tag... I'm just going to call it the Sunshine Blogger Tag, though)  This tag is really cool.  First thing to do is to answer the 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked, then you get to come up with 11 questions to ask 11 people that you tag!  (But I haven't really seen anyone tagging 11 people.... basically, just tag as many people as you can think of that actually read your blog and would see the tag and actually do the tag and if you can think of 11 people, GOLD STAR FOR YOU!)

  So, here we go!  

1. What movie character is most like you? Why?
  Hmm...  I can't really think of any movie character that's most like me.  Do TV show characters count?  Because if so, then I'm most like Mabel from Gravity Falls.  I'm very random, energetic, and cheerful.

2. What is your favorite smell in the world?
The smell of a new season.  Does that make sense?  Each season has its own distinct smell to me.  It smells new and fresh and exciting!  

3. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?
Robin from Young Justice!!!!!!  He's kind of my favorite superhero/fictional character.  And if I could meet Robin, then that would mean that Young Justice is real and Young Justice is an amazing TV show ^.^

This Robin, by the way.  The original Robin.
The reason why I need to clarify which Robin is because there are many, many Robins XD

This is another Robin.

This is yet another Robin.
  Season 3 will probably have ANOTHER Robin.  (Actually, I hope not.  Because the only other Robin that they would introduce would be Damian Wayne.  I don't see how they could make Damian Wayne fit into that universe.... If you know what I'm talking about, GOLD STAR FOR YOU!)

 ANYWAYS, moving on!

4. What is the best thing that has happened to you and why?
I think the best thing that has happened to me is discovering Animal Jam and the huge community it has.  I've made so many incredible friends through Animal Jam, and the Animal Jam blogging community!

5. What's your favorite daydream that you go to all the time?
Young Justice.  'Nuff said.

6. If you could have ANY animal in the world as a pet, which animal would it be?
Do unicorns count as an animal in the world?  Because I've always wanted a unicorn.  But honestly, I really-really-really want a dog.  And I mean, I kinda doubt that I could obtain a unicorn...  

7. What are your 3 favorite words?
Imaginativeness!  Superheroes!  Whelmed!  (Wait, whelmed is an actual word?  I thought Robin made it up.  The things I learn from autocorrect!)

8. What is your dream job?
Since being a superhero isn't a viable job, I want to work as an artist/moderator for AJHQ.  If that's not possible, then me and my sister want to make our own comic book/other media company that makes kid-friendly media for teens.  Or maybe I'll do both :D

(When I was little, I wanted to make a bakery that made dairy-and-peanut-free deserts, with a cat shelter in the back where people could pet cats while eating deserts.  I don't think that that'd be up to health code, though XD)

9. What's your idea of the perfect day? Why?
A perfect day for me would be a day spent with friends and my family.  Corny as it may sound, I'm happiest when I'm with my friends.

10. What sounds best to you: a book, movie, or video game?
I spend a lot of time on Animal Jam (which is technically a video game), but honestly, there's nothing quite like a good book.  When I'm not playing Animal Jam, I'm usually reading.

11. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found everything you love gone?
Wow, that's a depressing question!  I'd probably have a mental breakdown :)  (seriously, if everything I love were gone, that would mean that every human being would be gone and the Earth would be inhabited only by bugs... that is, if Earth even existed anymore.  I love the planet, too!  XD That sounds corny.  But seriously...  I don't think I can even imagine how I'd feel or what I'd do.)

  Those questions were amazing, Lostfairy!  Click here to read her post where she did the Sunshine Blogger Tag!  

  Now, I need to come up with 11 questions! 

  1. Whom do you most look up to?
2. If you could be a character in any book, TV show, or movie, what character would you be and why?
3. What's a talent that you've always wanted? (i.e. the ability to sing, draw, write, play sports)
4. If you could travel through time, when would you go to?
5. If you could change anything about your life, would you?
6. If your life were a TV show, what would the theme song be?
7. If you were a superhero, what would your powers and superhero name be?
8. What do you spend the most time doing on your computer/phone?
9. If you were somehow shrunken down to 10 inches tall, what's the first thing that you'd do?
10. Which animal do you think is the cutest? (Adorable photographs are welcome)
11. Would you do this tag again?

  That was fun!  I tag the following:

  Graciepopstar91, also from The Animal Jam Friendship Community
  FloraCuteGirl from Animal Jam Cheats and Codes
  PurpleStarClub AJ from My Little Jammers
  Gfox0 from The Gfox Animal Jam Blog
  Karalee from The DXplorergirl Blog
  AJkraft who doesn't have a blog
  Cowie01 who is my sister and doesn't have a blog, but I will ask her to do the tag here on my blog
  And anyone else who wants to do the tag!
  (I know, it's not eleven people, so no gold star for me unless 2 Anyone Else's decide to do the tag as well)

  Also, Animal Jam Art Gallery episode 27 will hopefully be finished and posted today; I haven't had 

  Ta-ta for now!  If you want me to do more posts like this, make sure to tag me to do more tags X)

    And of course, here's today's episode of Animal Jam Art Gallery!  Or rather, yesterday's episode...  I try to get AJAG finished and posted on Thursday, but I didn't get a chance to record the voice-over parts of the video yesterday because there was so much background noise.  I finally finished it, though!

  Huge thanks to 2fangs, anjulfire, chloetehbanana, fuzzyberryclaws1, Jammer3hm1d, kally97, kittycorgi, lostfairy, Notched, sharae16, Starrlingart, and supershi111 for letting me feature their awesome art in this video! 

    I would love to feature your art in a future episode!  If you want your art in an upcoming episode of Animal Jam Art Gallery, just put the masterpiece(s) you want featured in your den in Animal Jam in an easy to see spot, leave your den unlocked, and send me a Jam-A-Gram or leave a comment either right here on this post, or on my Jammer Wall saying that you want your art to be featured in an episode of Animal Jam Art Gallery :)

  I moderate comments before they appear on the website; CLICK HERE to view the comment rules!  I love reading all your awesome comments ;)

And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

Watch all my videos at Crazcatlover AJ on YouTube!


  1. ooh! I see you like superhero things :p You can learn something new everyday.

    1. I've had a minor obsession of superheroes that started when I first read an actual superhero comic book 3 years ago :3 There was a time when I read nothing except superhero comic books XD

  2. Yayyy! :D You did the tag! ^.^

    Those were great answers to the questions! ;) I learned more about you, woohoo! XDDD <--- hope that didn't sound weird o,o


    1. Yayyy! I want to do more tags now ^.^

      Not weird at all XD

      You can answer them if you want, and then we can begin a never ending tag where we keep tagging each other idek it sounds like it'd get annoying after a while but whatever XD

    2. Actually that sounds fun XD i'd love to get tagged to 11 different questions 100000 times XD

    3. I could tag you to do it, too, if you want (Lostfairy already tagged you, so that's why I didn't XD)


    *reads list of tagged people*

    *looks pointedly at Crazcat* -. O

    Whadda 'bout meeeeeeeeee?



      I was going to tag you, but Lostfairy already tagged you for it, so I wasn't sure if you would want to answer 22 questions. If you do, I'll totally tag you, though!


      And yes I do. I admit I haven't gotten very far... but it's quite cool. :D I think my favorite character is Connor. (Or maybe Red Tornado but I don't know if he is available as a favorite character choice. :P He just seems like he'd be really cool to hang out with.)


    3. *adds Karalee to the tagged people*

      It's amazing!!!! YOU MUST WATCH MORE! Netflix has both seasons, and season 3 is coming sometime this year =D I just started re-watching it all again XD My sis really likes Red Tornado, too (she likes android characters like Red Tornado, and Data from Star Trek. Androids are cool ^.^)

    4. YesyesyesyesyesDataWOO! *fangirling reaches screech pitch at end*

      *covers mouth with paws* O.O


      *stage whisper* He is so cooooooooooool. *impossibly wide grin*


    5. *high five* Data is my favorite Star Trek character XD

    6. Superboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


      Red Tornadoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  4. 1. I don't actually look up to anyone in particular
    2. I'd be Lily, the main character in a steampunk book I'm reading called Cogheart, because she doesn't let people get to her, which is what I did when I was bullied. And because steampunk is my life.
    3. The ability to run for longer than 30 seconds. I have AWFUL stamina.
    4. I'd go to the Victorian era and have a conversation with Charles Dickens. Idk why. I just think it'd be snazzy XD
    6. Eyes open by Taylor Swift(look it up :P)
    7. I would be called The Kraft because Kraft actually means force in German and that would mean I'd be called The Force(I love Star Wars XD) and my super hero power would be... The force.
    so basically I'd just be a jedi
    8. Watching youtube, editing and drawing
    9. Scream.
    11. yes.

    My questions-
    1. If you could wear any fictional characters outfit, whose would you wear?(ik this is weird lol)
    2.Have you ever made up a word? If so, what does it mean?
    3. What's your favourite music genre?
    4. Who is your favourite youtuber/s?
    5. What's your least favourite animal?
    6. What's your favourite book?
    7. What's your favourite art medium? (if you aren't an artist, just answer with what you think looks the nicest)
    8. Do you play any other online games except for animal jam? If so, which?
    9. If you could have the full collection of one thing (irl), what would it be?
    10. What's your favourite candy/chocolate?
    11. Are you a bread or a nugget?

    I tag anyone who reads this lol


    1. Nice! (I've heard Eyes Open before, because Taylor Swift used to be practically the only singer I listened to XD)


    2. I READ THIS SO YOU TAG ME HA 1. Uhm, my AJ Animal's outfit would be pretty cool, at least, how I imagine it to be. 2. MY grandma made up toppily once, meaning to lean to one side, and my friend made up coote which means especially cute in a certain, "Kawaii-like" way. 3. COUNTRY FOR THE WIN. 4.Not allowed on YouTube anymore, and you'd hate me if I said XD 5. I don't really dislike any real animals, but I don't like the spinnyboi species. 6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 7. I enjoy still life, but anything fantasy and yet still realistic is what really catches my eye. 8. Minecraft, I used to play Transformice, Wizard101, and Roblox. 9. The full collection of every Animal Jam Toy that will ever exist. 10. SWEDISH FISH FTW. 11. I am a BREAD NUGGET :OOOO

  5. Thanks for tagging me, I just may do it! :)

  6. Those were really good answers. Thank you for tagging me! :D I'll try to do the tag later this week.
    I really liked the Art Gallery episode! I think you should do more of these un-scripted ones. It was really fun to watch! XD

    1. Yw, I look forward to seeing your answers :)

      It was definitely a lot more fun to do it this way; I was honestly starting to dislike making Animal Jam Art Gallery because they were all the same to me.


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