Friday, March 10, 2017

Speedart Preview + Art Improvement

  Heyo, Jammers!  I just finished the art for Speedart Saturday!  This week, I drew Sheepcorn's pig as a human for the art trade I'm doing with her!

  It was really fun to draw this!  Drawing the characters from Swirlshine's Jamaasian Middle story has definitely helped improve my people-drawing skills x)

  Speaking of improvements in art... I found my old folder of art from a while ago, and I decided I'd share some of the old art I found.  A lot of people have told me that they think they will never be an artist.  That their art will never get better.  But that's not true.  ANYONE can be an artist if they just try hard and practice.

  This is the oldest drawing I found in the folder.  It's from September, 2014.  Back then, I had just began taking art seriously- drawing things instead of just doodling or coloring in coloring pages.  I was pretty horrible at drawing people then, so I just drew girls with insanely long hair and long dresses, and I typically drew them from behind so that I wouldn't have to draw the face.  I hid the hands whenever possible because I couldn't draw hands at ALL.
  Basically, I just hid everything that was complicated, so it was pretty impossible for me to improve my skills at drawing these difficult things.  I didn't think I would ever be good at art.

  Moving on to January 2016, I had gotten a book on how to draw manga-style girls.  I loved that book and I drew manga characters ALL. THE. TIME.  I wasn't very good at it yet, though.  For this drawing, I was trying to draw a manga Cinderella for my aunt.  I didn't even look at a reference picture of Cinderella XD  
  I had a hard time drawing faces still, especially small faces.  So um... yeah, the eyes don't match at all XD  But at least I was trying, and practicing.  

  Moving on to April, 2016, I was getting a bit better at drawing clothing and had started trying to draw action poses.  Note the 'trying'...  Getting poses and proportions right is still something I struggle with.  And, let's just ignore those hands... :shudders:  
  But I think there's still improvement from the manga Cinderella.

  This is from sometime in spring, 2016.  I was getting a bit better at drawing manga faces then, though I often got the proportions wrong, and I still had a hard time getting the eyes to look right.  I was trying hard, at least.  I was definitely better at portraits than full-body drawings.  During this time, I was mostly drawing portraits, so that's probably why.

  Moving on to May, 2016, my constant practice was definitely starting to pay off.  I remember spending hours drawing this mermaid drawing.  It's actually pretty good, except for the arm and hand...  I still needed to work on proportions, but I was definitely improving.

  And in August, 2016, I was working mostly digitally.  I was starting to figure out some digital techniques from my weekly Animal Jam speed-art videos.  I actually really like this drawing.  I was getting better at drawing faces, though the mouth is pretty skewed in this drawing XD  

  And then compare my old art to this drawing for Sheepcorn that I drew today.  With the years of practice and constant drawings, I've managed to reach this level of art.  One difference between this drawing and my old art is that I use reference photographs now.  I used to think that using reference photographs were cheating, but it really isn't.  And there are still things I want to improve in my art.  And if I keep practicing, eventually I will improve.
  If you love art, keep drawing.  Don't let anyone tell you you can never be an artist- especially not yourself.  If you feel like your current art isn't good, compare it to a drawing you did a year ago.  You'll notice that you ARE improving.  And as long as you keep on practicing, you'll keep on improving.  
  This applies to anything- sports, music, gymnastics...  If you believe in yourself and practice, you can become great at anything. 

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And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

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  1. That art is really good! Way better then my old art from LAST year, and some from this year XD

  2. I recently redrew some hunger games art I made in January. All I can say is that if you put in the right amount of effort, you can improve a LOT.
    I find it funny because people always get triggered when they're told the best way to improve is to practice...
    My first digital art was an arctic wolf that looks like a slug. And when I say looks like a slug, it LITERALLY looks lime a slug o.o

    Your art is amazing as always owo


    1. Yeah. One thing I want to do soon is the 'draw this again challenge', where I redraw an old piece of art and compare the two drawings to see my improvements. Basically, what you did XD
      Yeah, when I was younger, I was so frustrated when people told me I needed to practice to improve my art. I wanted to be good at drawing THEN, not years in the future! But honestly, it is true. As they say, 'practice makes perfect'.
      I have no idea what my first digital drawing was.... I've been drawing on computers for as long as I can remember. Though at the beginning, it was mostly just random scribbles in Microsoft Paint XD

      Aw, ty ^.^ Your art is amazing too, Kraft :)

  3. Also quesions for speedarts

    1. What would you say/do if Animal Jam shut down
    2. What would you do if Blogger shut down, and just all blogging websites
    3. What device do you usually play Animal Jam on
    4. Do you play Animal Jam Play Wk.d if so, what is your username? (I cant play it cri cri XD)
    5. What is your favorite masterpiece in the entire world of Jamaa

  4. Awesome drawings!

  5. Ummmmmmmmmmmm you think those are bad?!
    sometime I need to show you MY EARLY ART I think i'll do that really soon.
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. It's not exactly that my old art is bad, it's that I've improved a LOT since I drew them XD

    2. (though I do kinda cringe when I look at my old art XD)


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