Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More info on the Masterpiece Malfunction

  About a week ago, I made a blog post about a Masterpiece malfunction that my buddy brought to my attention.  Click here to view that post!  Basically, my buddy told me that they couldn't load any of their old saved Masterpiece files from before a few months ago, and when I checked for myself, I discovered I could no longer load any of my saved Masterpiece files from before February.

  I have been e-mailing AJHQ about the matter, and I decided I would share the information I have learned about this glitch with you.  Sentences surrounded by quotation marks ( ' ) are copied from AJHQ's messages to me.

  It started when Animal Jam updated last Thursday, on March 2nd.  They 'changed the way [their] system handles AJ Studio files for Masterpieces'.  I understand why this was necessary; some Jammers, for example, Artymis, had been unable to save their masterpieces.  I'm guessing that this is the problem that AJHQ was trying to fix with this change to the files.

  'Unfortunately, this may also mean that old Masterpieces created and saved before this update on 3/2/2017 may not work.'  What?!  Well, yeah, that sure is unfortunate.  You would think that AJHQ would tell us Jammers before updating something as drastically as that?  Or at least mention it in the Jamaa Journal... or the Daily Explorer...

  I created many masterpieces in the past that I would like to be able to give copies of to give to my buddies.  But now, this is no longer possible.  While I appreciate AJHQ keeping it up-to-date, and I understand some Jammers did have issues before with the old Masterpiece files, the new files are having issues, too.  The majority of my buddies are also unable to load the old masterpieces that they created.  

  'We understand your frustration concerning being unable to upload old Masterpiece files to the AJ Art Studio. This new way will create a better experience for players when creating their art but we know it can be difficult losing the old saves of pieces you did before. As our way of thanking you for your understanding and feedback, we are happy to award your account with 2 diamonds as a one-time customer service gesture.
The next time you enter Jamaa, you will have access to the 2 diamonds awarded which you can use to purchase all of your favorite items in the different shops throughout Jamaa! We hope that these diamonds help you feel a little bit better.'

  I don't know if I even received these diamonds.  I think I did the math wrong, or they gave me the diamonds before I even received this e-mail, I don't know.  But this message made me realize that they were not planning on fixing this problem.  I don't know how to feel about that.  

  Honestly, I am still somewhat frustrated to no longer have access to these old masterpiece files to make copies of my old masterpieces, and improve on the old art.  While I am grateful for the diamonds, I still wish that AJHQ would instead find some way to fix this problem.  I understand why they needed to make some changes to the masterpiece system, but it's still kind of sad to think about all of the art that has been lost. 

    At this point, I accept that I will likely never be able to have access to these old Masterpiece files.  I still have screenshots of all of the Masterpieces I have drawn, and I still have the copies that I kept for my den.  It is somewhat frustrating to no longer be able to make copies of these Masterpieces to give to my buddies and trade.  But at least I can continue to make new art, and at least there IS a save and load option.  Before they added that, it was too hard to spend a lot of effort on one masterpiece that may or may not be approved.

  I will continue to draw new Masterpieces, and eventually this incident will just be a minor frustration of the past.  But I still feel like this is a frustration that could have been avoided.

  Well, here's Jamaasian Middle drawing.  This time I drew Ja!

  As always, if you also read this story or you have a character in the story, fill out the form on my Jamaasian Middle Fan Art page for your character or any character(s) I haven't got the description of yet, and I'll draw them!

  How do you feel about the old Masterpiece files being lost?  Did this happen to you?  Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

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  1. So you got 2 diamonds? What about ppl who cant email AJHQ :P

    Oh no! NOW I WILL NEVER GET KARA'S SUPERHERO MASTERPIECE IF I GET A LONG COLLAR D: Why did AJ have to 'fix' it. Now famous artist cant make copies of their art to give to fans!

    1. I think I got 2 diamonds... AJHQ said they gave me 2 diamonds. I don't think they'll give 2 diamonds to everyone who e-mails them about this issue... if you can't e-mail them you could ask a parent to help you e-mail them, but other then that I don't think you would get any diamonds for compensation because of this problem.

      I don't know if Kara's superhero masterpiece is gone, you'd have to ask her. But yeah, it really stinks that artists can no longer make copies of many of their masterpieces to give them away =C

  2. Btw Cat? What do you use for your Speedart videos?

    1. The program I use to draw is GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program).

      The program I use to record is CamStudio.

      And the program I use to edit the footage is Windows Movie Maker.

  3. I am FURIOUS about this because I was going to trade Shadowwendigo12 two short collars for my dream masterpiece(their Mockingjay art) but now they cant make any copies. Not only that, I cant get my hands on ANY of the masterpieces I want without trading large amounts, and I know for a fact one of my other dream masterpieces, a Minecraft story mode artwork by Encrypted Goat, doesn't have any copies.

    And two diamonds? Two noodling diamonds? The daily spin gives more! I hate to rant, but this is utterly preposterous! I was planning on giving out copies of my art to celebrate my "anniversary" of being on blogger, but I can't!

    Animal jam, this is completely stupid. I don't give a nugget if Artymis can't save her art, now she can't load her art either! I also know that this is likely due to mac issues as I have trouble saving in my mac too, but if I restart my computer it works fine.

    I know I'm going off on a tangent (idk how to spell that) but I am flat out furious.

    Guess I'll have to spend hours plagiarising all those masterpieces I can never own. Thanks a lot, animal jam.

    [I don't want to sound like a complaining old woman]


      *King Tough Bunny

    2. OMG I LOOK AMAZING I would like the skirt a little longer BUT WHO CARES!?
      OMG OMG OMG THE HUSKY SO CUTE!!!1! for my Birthday, (For some reason out of everyone in my family, i get the most money for my Bday XD)
      I want to get a husky shirt, i don't have one yet. XD and a Wacom tablet.
      *King Tough Bunny

    3. Spamming AJHQ won't fix this problem... I told Julian2 about this, and maybe if he does a video about it, AJHQ will fix it?

      I want a Wacom tablet, too... I'd need a proper computer first though XD

  4. I know how! :o I recently got a message that said one Masterpiece of mine had been declined and my Diamonds had been refunded, but none of mine had really been declined.

    I think HQ has sent two Diamonds to the entire AJ community, via the Masterpiece system, because the reboot of the saving/loading system caused the entire community to lose their files. Do you think that's plausible?


    1. Hmmm... that is possible. If that's the case, then I definitely didn't get my diamonds, because I got no messages saying my Masterpiece had been declined...

  5. This.. really makes me upset.

    I think I'm going to email AJHQ about this, as a petition to get our masterpieces back :/ Just think of all the beautiful masterpieces.. now, gone.
    Artymis art, Froghopper art, Hyenine art, OUR art, all wiped out. This is really going to effect our AJ community.

    Heh, it's kinda like our 'economy' just dropped XDDD *AJ news guy* Masterpiece prices made before February have skyrocketed. The current price for Froghopper art is a good long. *gasp gasp*

    If only AJ news was a thing oh boy XDD

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Yeah... it is rather chaotic, isn't it?

      XD AJ news. (Wasn't froghopper art already a good long?)

    2. Yeah.

      I think so, but now for her old pieces I think is worth more than a pink long. Idk, maybe it's worth a black long *shrug*

    3. Eh forget just the black long, now its worth black longs with promo items with betas :P

  6. Second comment o.O

    Me, Anna, and Sarah were talking, and I guess she's not experiencing this glitch? I also looked back at your masterpiece malfunction post, and Flora said she doesn't have this issue.. this is really weird. What in the world of Aldan is goin on here?!
    Get it.
    You guys: ...
    Now I just..
    Go. C:

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Yeah, while this is happening for most Jammers, a few aren't affected by it.


  8. Cat? using GIMP rn and I cant figure out how to draw.. O.O Can you give me a quick tutorial?

    1. It's pretty difficult to figure out... My older siblings helped me learn how to use it.
      Maybe try looking up some tutorials?

    2. What version do you use? Cuz rn I am using 2.8.20 and there are no videos for that one :P

    3. Try experimenting. You will want to start out by setting up your windows, so make sure you have it in single window mode, then click the 'Windows' button at the top. I believe you'll want the Toolbox, then select the Dockable Dialogs and choose Tool Options and Layers, and set them up however you like; and maybe try experimenting with other Dockable Dialogs and see what you like. It really mostly requires experimenting and seeing what works for you.

      I wish I could help you set it up in person because that would be a lot easier, but there are multiple reasons why that isn't possible XD


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