Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Speedart Preview + A Masterpiece

  Sorry for not posting very often lately; I honestly have just not felt like posting and didn't want to post something boring so... I posted nothing.  I've been feeling rather tired lately.  I decided that today, I'll at least try to be more energetic.  Sooooo, this post isn't going to be HYPER HYPER ENERGY YAAAAAY or anything (most of my posts actually aren't, actually....  I really need to work on that because I'm normally a HYPER HYPER ENERGY YAAAAAAY kinda person, haha) but at least I'm posting.

  Sooo, I didn't manage to get a speedart video done yesterday because, as mentioned previously, I've been really tired, and when I'm tired, I just don't feel inspired to draw anything.  I can try to force myself to draw something, but it never turns out as I want it to and it's just not the best I can offer, so when I'm really tired, I just have to wait until I'm more energetic to draw.  I managed to get the sketch of Gummyfummy6's Animal Jam Play Wild bunny done today, so you just might get a speedart video on Friday (no promises though... it'll probably just be one on Saturday, but I'll try!).  Here's the preview:

    I'll be working on the digital part of that drawing once I'm finished with this week's episode of Animal Jam Art Gallery.  I also drew a masterpiece recently for Nymphaeaalba!

  Not my best masterpiece...  I had some much better sketches I did while I was planning this that I drew on paper, but I can't seem to find them at the moment.  When I do, I'll share share them with you.  I like how the masterpiece turned out, though.

  I'll try to post more often!  By the way, the next chapter of The Time-Freeze is now up on my 'The Time-Freeze (AJ Fanfiction)' page!  I really need to continue writing this story more... Whenever I feel creative I usually draw instead of write...  Anyways, that's all for today's post!  Be sure to tell me what you think of Chapter Three of The Time-Freeze, and also check out my Art Contest page!  The contest is open until March 31st :)

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And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

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  1. omg it looks sooooooooooo cute thx for doing the video for me craz - Gummyfummy6


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