Saturday, June 10, 2017

Speedart Saturday Wisteriamoon Fanart + Draw This Again Challenge!

  Heyo, Jammers!  Guess what time it is?  It's SPEEDART SATURDAY TIME!!!!  Cuz... it's Saturday.  And it's called Speedart SATURDAY, so.... yeah.  Anyways, here's the fan-art for Wisteriamoon (at last!)

  And here's the art itself:

  I really like how this drawing turned out.  This lineless art style is a lot of fun :)  Anyways, the poll for what video I should make for my one year YouTube-versary is closed, and the winning video is the DRAW THIS AGAIN CHALLENGE!!!  Yay =D  I've been wanting to do this challenge for quite a while, because it's a great way to show improvement and I love watching other people do this challenge.
  I thought about what I should re-draw for a while.  I considered redrawing the art from my very first speedart video, but that drawing was just a simple headshot of an arctic wolf, and I wanted something that more represented my art style and channel, so I found an old drawing of Peck as a human that I drew a while ago and decided to redraw it!  I didn't record the original drawing in a speedart video, but it's one of the first AJ-Animal-As-A-Human drawings that I've made (if not the actual first), and drawing AJ animals as humans is something I do a lot now, so I found it fitting.

  Here's the original drawing, and the re-drawn sketch!

This is the original.  As you can see, the proportions are kinda off, and the face looks a little bit... evil?  I didn't draw a lot of full-body humans back then XD  The pose is pretty stiff, and back then, I pretty much ALWAYS drew people in that pose.  And let's not even talk about the hands...
This is the re-drawn sketch!  I decided to go for a bit more motion in the pose, while still trying to keep it at least somewhat close to the original.  The proportions are a lot better, and her face no longer looks evil XD  The hands are better, though not perfect...  definitely something to improve next time I re-draw it :P

  By the way, don't forget to enter your art for the next episode of Crazcat Chats!  A lot of Jammers ask me for tips on how to draw, so I want to share some of my tips, along with your tips!  If you want to contribute, just let me know down in the comments below!

  Give me a link to a couple of your drawings, tell me what part of the drawing you maybe had a hard time with, as well as what you found easier in the drawings (like the face, position, background, how you colored it, shading, etc) and share some tips on how to draw what you found easier to draw.

  Your art will be featured in the video, along with your art advice and I'll also share my own advice for how to draw whatever you had a hard time with.  And of course, you'll get full credit for your art and advice!  No matter what level your art is at, you can enter.  I want the video to be about encouraging people of all skill levels to draw!

  You can enter by commenting on this post or by sending an e-mail to .  I'll be accepting entries until Wednesday, June 14th!


 I moderate comments before they appear on the website; CLICK HERE to view the comment rules!  I love reading all your awesome comments ;)

And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

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  1. This is for Crazcat chats! ;) (The house one by me,)

    The hardest part of the drawing was probably inside the window, it was hard to make it seem it was actually inside, for the size it was, it was real hard.
    My 'tip' is, "Anybody can draw, but if they aren't trying their best, they won't get anywhere, practice every day, with reference photos, and in a few months, you will be good at drawing at a more 'cartoon style' most of the time, it depends on the person and their style! Put your all into it, and soon enough, you could be the next Artymis! (Or Gellyjones if you prefer cartoon!)"

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Your art and advice will be in Crazcat Chats :)

  2. That re-drawn art is super duper amazing! I really like how you did her face. But the older version is really good too. :D
    And wow, I love that fan art you did for Wisteriamoon. You're an awesome artist, Cat!

    1. Thanks so much, Purple! I really enjoyed drawing the original version, and was quite proud of it at the time. So I'm glad that now, I'm able to re-draw it, and create something a bit closer to the idea I had in mind back then :)

      Aw, thanks! So are you, Purple!


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