Monday, July 10, 2017

Giveaway winner + Animal Jam Artists Collaborative!

  Heyo, Jammers!  So, it's Monday, the 10th, which is when I promised I would pick the winner of the red rare short spiked collar that I'm giving away!  I got 23 entries; thanks so much to everyone who entered and for entering your friends as well!  The winner is...

Melodymixer!  Congratulations!  Check your Jam-A-Grams for your prize =D

  In other news, I'm starting a brand-new blog- The Animal Jam Artists Collaborative!  This will be a collaboration blog, with daily posts by Animal Jam artists like myself!  It's currently a WIP, and I'm hosting try-outs for the initial authors!  I want at least 5 initial authors, though I'll host try-outs for new authors every few months.

  Authors don't need to be super great at art; I'm actually more looking for positive Jammers who can post at least once a week/once every 2 weeks.  And lots of different forms of art count; so whether you make traditional drawings, digital drawings, masterpieces or edits, feel free to try out!

  If you're interested in trying out, click here for the Google Forms submission form!  The initial authors will be chosen on July 17th, so enter while you can!

  If you're under the age of 13, ask a parent/guardian for permission before entering!

  If art isn't your thing, though, it'd be greatly appreciated if you spread the word, and told your artistic friends about this project!  If you want to help spread the word, here's an image I made that you can post on your blog:

 I moderate comments before they appear on the website; CLICK HERE to view the comment rules!  I love reading all your awesome comments ;)

And of course, keep drawing and have a pawsome day!

Watch all my videos at Crazcatlover AJ on YouTube!


  1. Congrats! :D

    Ooh awesome idea Cat!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! (Also, thanks for helping me choose the name :) )


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